Friday, January 1, 2010

So, I did laundry today, since we hadn't done any in over a week. No big deal, except, remember, that my dryer died over a year ago, and I haven't replaced it? It's 20F outside right now, with the wind chill making it feel like 10. To save myself from freeze-dried clothes, Mr Farmer and I hung them on hangers in the house. 5 loads of laundry=a house FULL of wet clothes. Little farmers go back to school on Monday though, so I was determined to have everything washed.
We spent the morning outside busting ice from waterers and taking warm water to our spoiled critters. Definitely still on a learning curve with the chickens...we had several eggs in the henhouse, but they had all froze and busted. Mr Farmer is putting more straw in the henhouse to help warm them up, all the goats, donkey, and rabbits have plenty of straw, and bellies full of hay.
What a way to ring in 2010, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes its hard, but it's a good life, and its all ours. I wish you all much love, peace and happiness for the New Year.

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