Wednesday, January 6, 2010

rabbits and a mean turkey

We sold two of our little lionhead rabbits today...they are going to a nice new home as 4H projects, what fun! I think I might be at a point where I will keep the rest of the rabbits, and add on some new meat rabbit breeding stock. Still have 2 turkeys to get rid of, the big blue slate tom is not a nice turkey at all. I have been known to sell chickens just because they have no personality, and this mean boy definitely needs to find a new home. Well, either that or he goes to freezer camp soon.
We are expecting our first real snow of this winter tonight and tomorrow and I can't wait. The kids are excited and hoping for a snow day. I love watching them sled down the big hill.

On a sad note, just over a year since the chicken attack, I found myself trying to save Heckle once again. It was not to be. Heckle the boss roo left for rooster Heaven today from his spot on top of the washing machine.

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