Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Blessed day on the farm

What a blessed day we have had!! For the first time ever, we went to a sale barn/flea market to set up and sell some things. We had 7 rabbits, and 12 hens to sell, so I took some baked goods along. We sold all the animals in less than 2 hours. When we got home we had a message from someone we gave our card to who wanted to come to the farm and buy some chickens. So we sold 11 more to him. The barnyard looks kind of empty now, although, there are still plenty of critters out there :) As I was walking around the pond, I found a hidden nest with 6 eggs in it, some white, some brown, and a couple duck eggs too! It is so nice to look over and see our little Australorp following all over the farm. She talks to us, isn't scared at all, and she is a very pretty little hen. We still have 12 rabbits, and I have an email from someone who wants harlequins when I breed them again. Passing out our business card was an excellent idea. We let lots of people know we are getting an egg license and will be selling eggs at that location on Saturdays. Soon will be time for butchering turkeys. 5 of them to put in the freezer, unless we decide to sell one.
Tomorrow we will be getting some donkeys delivered. New experience, again. It will be a fun adventure. Lots to still get done before winter sets in. It is already too cold for October, freeze advisory for tonight. Good night to sit and knit a while. :)

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