Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yucky day here today...lots of wind and rain and lightning. Thought we were gonna need goatie floaties there for a while. Everyone made it through okay, the ducks thought they had gone to Heaven. The pond filled up and they swam around for a good while. I did go to the garden tonight, picked a tomato, several cucumbers, Mr Farmer cut some okra, and I picked a basket full of green beans. Came in, snapped and blanched and froze those. They will be sooo yummy this winter! Saw 3 sweet delight melons about softball size out there. We have been looking forward to seeing some, the vines are everywhere, but we couldn't find the melons until today. One week until school starts here, little boy farmer will be in Kindergarten. He got his physical yesterday, still has to go to the dentist before school starts, and informed me this morning that he has a wiggly tooth. He is growin up way too fast! Little girl farmer will be in 3rd grade, finally old enough for real 4H, should be fun!
Hoping the weather holds out the rest of the week, need to get some fencing done, and work on the barn this weekend.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This is Heckle, also known around here as boss rooster. The little chick I currently have in a cage in my kitchen is his offspring. No wonder its a survivor. The little thing is flyin around it's cage, and follows anyone who walks by. Not much to say today, just found this pic and thought I would share it here....