Saturday, June 18, 2011


Little Girl Farmer is spending the night at her granny's and Little Boy Farmer is spending the night with a friend, so Mr Farmer and I took some time to go visiting with some local Amish folks. First to visit the Schmidt's to see if they had any buck rabbits for sale. They did, so we bought one, then checked out their brand new Craft and Gift Shop, and bought a pint of honey there. Saw a ginormous ram who was shedding like crazy. If he hadn't started making snorting sounds at me, I was gonna yank off a handful of that wool to bring home and see if I could spin it. Changed my mind about that the second he turned towards me and started those crazy sounds.
Next we saw a sign that said "Vegetable plants--Marked down". Turned down the gravel lane, went past another Schmidt's house, kept going, that lane seemed to go forever, then found another house, with a Greenhouse sign. Bought a pepper plant, some late cabbage plants, and a lemon balm plant. Talked to the lady of that house about gardening for a little bit, found out her sister is married to the Schmidt from the first house we went to.
Then we decided to try to find an Amish house where we had bought some stuff before. Finally found them, just in time too, as they were loading up a truck with fishing poles. They had apparently hired a driver to take them wherever they were going fishing at, so we got a gallon of milk and scooted on out so they could get going. I have heard you can make soap with cows milk the same as goats milk, so I think I will try that.
It started raining after that, so we came on home.  Found the newest outdoor puppy, Scraps, who is an Australian Shepherd all cuddled up in the shed by the cage where we are keeping Sugar and her chicks till they get a little bigger. I guess he thinks his job is to watch after them. We had found 5 tomato plants in the old pig pen this week, and found a couple potato plants by the new pig pen today when I was pulling some weeds to feed the pigs. Those pigs are better gardeners than we are, I think. I do have a couple yellow squash coming on, and several teeny tiny zucchini. Counting the tomato plants we transplanted from the old pig pen, we have 23. That will be a good start. ;)
Lots going on around here, and I am sure tomorrow morning will start like every morning for the last week...checking to see if Flower, the potbelly pig has had her  piglets yet. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. :)