Sunday, January 31, 2010

Better Days

So, I was right, and it is better. Yesterday Mr Farmer and I spent some time looking through the poultry catalog and deciding what we would like to order. So many choices! Today we have spent a fairly quiet day on the farm. We have a sick rabbit in the house, hoping she gets well and can go back outside soon. We have a new addition to the farm, a 12 week old Great Pyrenees puppy named Elvis. He is taking up some time, trying to get him housebroken. And we have had him out around the animals, which he doesn't seem to notice much. Lady, our little house dog, is trying to love him, but still growls and snaps at him occasionally.
Got a couple inches of snow Friday night, its almost all melted now. Back to school for the little farmers tomorrow, and back to work for me and Mr Farmer. I think I will start some tomato seeds sometime this week. I am anxious for spring to get here. Nothing like playing in the dirt to soothe a soul.

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