Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Chicks

Our momma hen, Jet, a tiny little bantam, hatched out 3 chicks so far. Mr Farmer is sick, so the little farmers and I went out to check on them this afternoon, and one of the chicks was laying on the ground in the henhouse, completely motionless. I came in to get Mr Farmer so we could move the nest, so the other chicks would be safe. I told him one chick was dead, we had to figure out how to save the others. He walked out and picked up the little dead chick...only it wasn't dead. It moved. It took a breath. So he handed it to, take care of it...a little sugar water and some time under a heat lamp, and the baby is now back outside with its momma. I honestly thought the poor little thing didn't have a chance. I'm so glad God is still in control, instead of me.