Saturday, July 18, 2009

• Saturday, July 18, 2009 - Grandma's canner

Broke up a bushel of green beans yesterday, with mom's help :) only to find my gasket in my canner isn't fitting right. Broke out my grandma's old canner and voila, 20 quarts of green beans! I didn't really think it would work, it has been moved probably 6 times since I have had it, and it sat in grandma's attic before that, but I was ready to try anything. Thank goodness my mom came up to help me with my first time pressure canning, not sure I could've figured it all out myself.
This morning I went to the garden and picked a few cucumbers, some squash, some green beans, an onion and dug a few new potatoes. Something has been digging out there and I found 3 potatoes with bites out of them. After seeing those, I couldn't resist digging some for our supper.
We did eat the rabbit stew, it was actually pretty good. Today we have 3 roosters to go to freezer camp, then I think butchering will be done until my turkeys are big enough. I am back out to the garden...I have some ideas about starting some fall veggies, and enlarging the garden spot quite a bit, the weather is nice enough to make that happen this weekend I think.
~Blooming where we're planted~

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