Saturday, July 18, 2009

• Friday, June 19, 2009 - It makes it all worth it

I was just standing at the window watching little girl farmer chase a chicken around the barnyard. She has her summer hair, and her sundress, and flipflops and looks like the picture of summer. She turns into a different kid when she's at the barnyard. Makes me extremely happy we made the choice to move to our own farm.

We had a bad storm yesterday. The barnyard got pretty flooded and Mr Farmer had to go rescue a broody hen. I swear she woulda died before getting off that nest. We got a new goat on Tuesday from the dog pound. They found him wandering around next to a road, held him the required time for a stray..although I have never heard of a stray goat, then we adopted him. I am sure someone bought his mother at auction, then turned him loose since he is a wether. He is very gentle though, and friendly, and a good starter baby goat for little girl farmer to practice on for 4H next year. He is also about the same size as our first little doeling Clover, so I am hoping they will be pals once they get used to each other. It's nice to see the barnyard so full of life :)

And the garden has taken off. We got a squash and a tomato so far, and several radishes. I am surprised since we got it out pretty late, its doing well. The little farmers were soooo excited to get those first fresh veggies that they helped grow. They are learning all about where food comes from, and are not opposed to eating a chicken they have seen butchered, which also surprises me. Mr farmer butchered his first rabbits today, so we will see now if we can really eat them.

I hope to keep this updated more frequently, just hard to do with so much going on, but it is nice to look back and see the changes.

~Blooming where we're planted~

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