Saturday, July 18, 2009

• Saturday, February 28, 2009 - New Life on the farm....

We have baby chickies!! And ducklings. And our much beloved Heckle survived and now has his very own harem :) We picked up 3 hens from a lady who is getting rid of all her critters, then bought a couple more standard hens and some banties from the super nice guy we bought our first hens from. We also bought 2 pygmy goats from him. Today, we went to Orscheln's to buy goat feed and minerals...and they had baby chicks. We got 13 chicks, and 4 ducklings. They will have turkeys and guineas in a couple weeks, so we will be going back for them. We already placed an order for 25 brown egg layers + 1 free rare chick from Murray McMurray hatchery. They will be here in 2 weeks. And, Rita the goatie is due to have her baby/babies anyday! Someone at work needed to rehome her rabbit, so of course he came home with me. Then we got two beagle brother babies. We are gonna be overrun with critters! Walter the wether doesn't seem to care much for the pygmies so, we had to build a separate pen for them. Now we are just waiting on the weather to cooperate to build the chicken coop. It will be as tight as Ft Knox when it's all way am I losing any more chickens to whatever critter that was last time.

I can't wait to see the farm in bloom! I was checking out the raspberry and blueberry plants at Orscheln's today, even though I know I can't plant anything yet. Well, I actually do have some pepper, tomato and lettuce seeds started in the house. I am sooo anxious to start playin in the dirt !! :) It's coming along nicely, we have tons of new ideas, just waitin on spring to show up....

~Blooming where we're planted~

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